About Us

Crichton Imports is your wholesale source for exclusive handcrafted goods from Mexico.  We carry a wide assortment of products, including unique handbags and purses made of leather as well as other materials such as manta cloth.   We also have wallets, belts, keychains, caps and hats, cell phone cases, decorative items and other assorted Mexican products.


We currently only sell wholesale and require new customers to register on our website and send us a copy of their seller’s permit to be able to view the wholesale pricing listed on our website.


The founder of Crichton Imports, Ruth, is from Guadalajara, Mexico; that’s where she got her start in the leather business over 30 years ago.  Instead of setting up a factory to mass produce leather goods, she looked in the small towns that surround Guadalajara and found many talented artisans willing to produce the goods that she was looking for.


These artisans definitely had the talent, but most of them lacked the means to set up a shop of their own and actually go into business.  Ruth started supplying them with leather, suede and other materials as well as tools, stitching machines, and anything else that they needed to turn their talent into beautiful handcrafted leather goods.


Many of these collaborators work at home along with their families, allowing them to make a decent living in towns that otherwise offer few opportunities.


Ruth currently lives in Southern California. One of her sons runs the business in Guadalajara.


Over the years she has added items to her collection that are made of other materials besides leather and suede.  One of these is “manta”, a traditional woven cotton cloth that has been produced in Mexico since prehispanic times.


We hope that you will enjoy this little piece of Mexico brought to you by Crichton Imports.